Secret Love Project, FNB 250655Account: 62458506048
Secret Love Project, FNB 250655
Account: 62458506048
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640 Jobs

Jobs created for previously unemployed people

20 000 per month

Heart sticker packs distributed per month

R4 ,8 million 

Earned by the homeless sellers per year

The Secret Love Project provides a way to become self-sufficient and enjoy community acceptance

Your Monthly Donations At Work

Have an immediate impact on the lives of the homeless

It currently costs R5 to produce and distribute a single sticker pack. This includes all material, manufacturing, operational & distribution costs. The sticker packs are given to the homeless sellers for FREE to sell to motorists in the city for R20 a pack and the sellers keep 100% of the proceeds of the sale. 

R50 donation = 10 sticker packs = R200 profit for the seller

R100 donation = 20 stickers packs = R400 profit for the seller


R500 donation = 100 stickers packs R2000 profit for the seller


R1000 donation = 200 stickers packs = R4000 profit for the seller


R5000  donation = 1000 stickers packs = R20000 profit for the seller

That's a 400% return on your donation. The results are true and easily verifiable. We don't touch a cent and your donation puts profits directly into the hands of people who need it most and that have earned it.
A non-profit organisation using love as their currency

Impact Stories

Stories of changed lives

Taking Care Of Myself

Free From Crime & Theft

Free From Drugs

Two destitute men enjoying their donation in the Secret Love Project Sellers program
A charity helping the homeless transform their lives

Your Donation Makes A Difference

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our organisation. Your donation will help us reach more homeless people and change more lives!

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