Investing in the homeless community

Ways That You Give To The Homeless

You Can Make A Difference

Make A Donation

We produce and distribute heart-shaped stickers to the homeless for free. The cost of the stickers is financed through donations.  The homeless receive sticker packs for free and sell them to motorists in Cape Town for R20 a pack and they keep 100% of the proceeds.

Buy Merchandise

Buy heart sticker packs that you can distribute to your friends, family, colleagues and organisation. 100% of the merchandise proceeds go back into the production of more heart sticker packs that we distribute for free to our sticker sellers.

Become A Volunteer

Become a Secret Love Project Love Ambassador and help us get heart stickers to the needy in your area and spread the message of love in the world. We are always in need of volunteers and are grateful for any helping hand we can get. If you have a social media audience you can help promote awareness for the project and spread the message of love to your followers.

Corporate Partnerships

Partner with us and your company can leverage our unprecedented visibility across the City of Cape Town in your own media campaigns, and we offer Section 18A tax deduction certificates. Partnering with us means your company becomes part of a citizens collaboration, involving thousands of people that's improving Cape Town and bringing joy and love to all who live here.