the secret LOVE project

a lifeline for more than 300 people every day!

20, 000 Free heart sticker packs given out every month

R400,000/month (R4,8 million/year) earned directly by our homeless community

Creating jobs for more than 300 unemployed people

Heartwarming success stories

Restoring pride and dignity

A community built on love



Each month we provide 20,000 free heart sticker packs to the homeless to sell to motorists at R 20 each. They keep 100% of their sales which amounts to R 400,000 a month (R 4.8 million per year) going directly into the hands of the most needy in our community! With more than 200 registered sellers and the immediate, positive impact the project has on their lives, the demand for heart stickers has increased exponentially each month, with new sellers joining every week. Most of whom, for the very first time feel like they are given an opportunity to go straight to work and immediately feel  welcomed by society.

Recognised by our distinctive heart-shaped stickers on cars throughout the city, The Secret Love Project is a registered charity helping the homeless and the vulnerable in our community. It's also a collaborative artwork and a community building initiative that brings people of all walks of life together, sharing love. We create employment opportunities that restores the pride and dignity of people who have been neglected in our community. Marginalized and abandoned by society we offer people a lifeline out of extreme poverty, a way of connecting with the greater community and a fresh path to re-integration into society.​ We provide anyone in need a way to make their own money, become self-sufficient, and enjoy acceptance by the community. Using love as our currency, we invite you to join us in our mission to make the world a better place! Whether you need help or are able to help, The Secret Love Project enables every member of the community to help in building a happier, safer and more compassionate society. 

THE LOVEconomy

Small business owners can join The LovEconomy and boost their sales and customer base. And you can get a LOVE pass that unlocks the best experiences Cape Town has to offer. And it all starts with helping the homeless. Find out more...


Become a love ambassador, and help us get heart stickers to the needy in your area. Read more about this and other opportunities spread love in the world..

The Secret Love Project is a registered charity (PBO# 930063541) and non-profit company that offers the homeless a lifeline out of poverty and a fresh path to re-integration into society. Every month we give out 20,000 free heart sticker packs to over 300+ registered sellers, who sell them to motorists at R20 each and keep 100% of the sale. This puts R400,000 a month (R4,8million/year) into the hands of the most needy in our community.
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