Taking care of the homeless by giving them food, clothing and hygiene support opportunities

Custom Branded Heart Sticker Packs

For your business, events, promotions etc

  • For your marketing campaigns, advertising, deals and special occassions 
  • Your design, branding & images on front & back of flyer.
  • Full colour high resolution print.
  • 3 Heart shaped stickers inside the pack (choose your brand's colours)
  • To be sold to your customers or distributed to your guests
  • Or we can distribute your custom branded packs for you (Cape Town only)
  • We print, pack, and deliver to your door.
  • Your custom designed sticker packs cost R10 each.
  • You can sell them at R20 each or give them away free.
  • Minimum order = 200 packs
  • 14 days for production, packing and delivery.
  • Partner with Cape Town's most loved charity and share the LOVE!
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The Secret Love Project charity produces and distributes heart-shaped sticker packs for the homeless to sell for an income

Make Your Very Own Heart Sticker Packs! 

Ideal for marketing campaigns, events, greeting cards, weddings, gifts, wellness days

Introducing our innovative custom sticker packs - an elegant and compassionate solution for brands, stores and corporates to promote themselves. Ideal for diverse applications such as marketing campaigns, events, greeting cards, welcome cards, thank you cards, weddings, gifts, wellness days, souvenirs, promotions and beyond.

Taking care of the homeless by giving them food, clothing and hygiene support opportunities

Boost Brand Visibility, Drive Positive Change

Here's why choosing custom sticker packs is a win-win for your business and the world:

Double-Sided Branding

Receive a custom-designed double-sided flyer (8.2cm x 11cm) featuring your brand. This eye-catching marketing collateral ensures that your message is seen and remembered.

Heartfelt Representation

Express your brand identity with three heart stickers in your personalised colours. These unique and memorable stickers add a touch of warmth to your promotional efforts.

End-To-End Service

We take care of the entire process, from printing and packaging to the timely delivery of your order.

Versatile Applications

Our custom sticker packs are versatile and suitable for various occasions. Our stickers are the perfect addition to elevate your brand presence.

Supporting A Worthy Cause

For every custom pack ordered, we create and distribute two free sticker packs to our homeless vendors. By choosing to support The Secret Love Project, you actively contribute to making a positive impact on lives.

A custom sticker pack created for the Belgian Consulate in Cape Town
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Renowned Brands that have made custom branded sticker packs with The Secret Love Project

The Radisson Blu Hotel supports The Secret Love Project's custom sticker packs initiative
The Belgian Consulate, Cape Town utilised custom sticker packs for one of their campaigns
Janine Binneman Jewellery supports The Secret Love Project
Taking care of the homeless by giving them food, clothing and hygiene support opportunities

Choose The Secret Love Project For Your Custom 
Sticker Pack Needs

Let your customers love and remember your brand with heart stickers!

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