Think about this 400% monetary growth (going to the needy) when you invest your Corporate Social Investment budget with The Secret Love Project - because that is exactly what we do! Your company also benefits from being able to be affiliated with our highly respected and visible charity across Cape Town. We'll also list you on our proud partners page and promote your efforts on our social media. 

                                                                                       How does it work?

Investment capital is used to produce heart sticker packs. Every five rand donated equates to one sticker pack and  the operational costs in manufacturing and distributing it. The sticker pack is given to the homeless person for free who sells it for R20. Thats R20 pure profit to the seller, four times what it cost to make it and put it into their hands. So imagine every time you give us R5 it becomes R20 in the hands of the seller. That means your charitable donation is doing four times the work it could normally do. And remember only a small portion of the initial R5 is going to our operational costs, the meat of the money generated is going to the people who need it most. The best part is...

YOU are creating employment for people who are otherwise unemployable.

- YOU are greatly reduce crime in Cape Town.

- YOU are making your city safer.


- YOU are making people around you happier.

- YOU are making your city a more compassionate and inclusive place to live.

- YOU are spreading a powerful message of LOVE in the community

- YOU are making the world a better place! 


Yes its that easy, and yes the impact is incredible. With your help we can have a significant and measurable impact on the fabric of our society.

What we've learnt over the past five years from our 100 or more sellers:

FACT 1. Not a single person selling the heart stickers wants to be homeless. 

FACT 2. Every sticker seller wants a better life.

FACT 3. Every sticker seller is inspired to be earning an honest living and doing good in the world.

FACT 4: Every sticker seller is incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity.

FACT 4. Any form of petty crime (committed out of desperation) stops immediately when our sellers have stickers to sell.

FACT 5. Our sellers all report a renewed sense of pride and great sense of belonging.

FACT 6: Every single week there are more new faces pleading to become part of the project.

FACT 7: Demand for heart stickers is increasing exponentially and we need your help.