Do you know what the scientifically proven secret to happiness is?


In the longest scientific study ever conducted on humans Harvard University revealed that there is one overriding factor that governs a persons happiness (and its not fame or riches): the quality of their interpersonal relations.


Watch the inspiring TED talk!

The LOVEconomy aims to encourage everyone to share meaningful and memorable experiences with our friends and family. Get a LOVE pass here which gives you access to the most awesome experiences Cape Town has to offer! The person you take with goes for FREE!


There are thousands of rands in savings every month with your LOVE pass. And while you're having an amazing experience, we're using the money from the LOVE pass to help the homeless build their lives. 

The LOVEconomy


The LOVEconomy is an incentive based business model that starts with you getting massively rewarded for helping the homeless. How? Just buy one of these coupon packs (see below example) for R50 from one of our registered sellers (they keep 100% of the sale). In it you will get a collectors item rainbow bracelet, a beautifully reflective heart sticker along with many thousands of Rands in coupons. Your reward for helping the homeless can be redeemed with your ID number at any of the companies on the card. When you redeem your reward and buy one get one free you will be supporting local business, and getting a great deal while doing so. The local businesses benefit from increased sales, foot-traffic and being seen in our pack by thousands of people. These businesses in turn support us by buying a square in our pack and giving us a small percentage of the sale that was generated. They are given a tax deduction certificate for this. We then use this money, to produce and distribute more heart sticker packs which we give out free to the homeless to sell. And that completes the cycle and allows everyone to benefit and grow along the way!

That's phase one of The LOVEconomy which we will be rolling out for summer, end of 2019!



Each business on this card has joined the LOVEconomy where profits are increased through generosity, where helping others leads to better returns, and where the spirit of community drives a collective goal of enrichment and betterment for all. The concept for the LOVEconomy is that sharing, helping, and giving become the building blocks of our cultural growth, as opposed to the raw capitalist motive that forcibly drives everyone apart. The LOVEconomy brings our community together by building an economy of businesses that thrive financially by investing in their community. When you promote a product or service, with a two-for-one discount on this card, your business generates substantial foot traffic through our reach and thereby boosts your sales. Everyone is helping everyone and everyone is profiting from being part of The LOVEconomy. What would our life experience be if we could not share it with others?! Join The LOVEconomy and grow your life and community. One Love!