The Secret Love Project addresses two of the most critical challenges facing our country's growth and stability; unemployment and crime. We have a direct and measurable impact on both these intractable problems and we transform them into tangibly positive results for our entire community.


With our struggling economy unemployment is rising quickly but we are instead creating jobs every month. Unemployment leads directly to petty crime and vast government resources are wasted each year policing petty crime that is entirely preventable. Police, courts, judges, attorneys, jails, private security are all exhausting their resources chasing crime that shouldn't happen in the first place. Marginalized people who have lost their hopes and dreams due to the cruel indifference of their circumstances and upbringing commit petty crime to survive, not because they are bad people. When they are given the right opportunity they blossom and thrive and stop the petty crime immediately. Our non-profit demonstrates this.


400% impact on your donation

We guarantee that your monetary donation will be multiplied to four times its value... and the entire amount will go to our beneficiaries: homeless, destitute, marginalised and impoverished people in our community. 

I want to be part of this!

Thanks for making the world a better place!


The answer is simpler than you think, but the results are true and easy to verify. It currently costs us around R5 to produce and distribute a single sticker pack. Included in the R5 are the material & manufacturing costs, operational & distribution costs. When you donate R1000 it will equate to us producing and distributing 200 sticker packs. We give these out for FREE to our homeless sellers and they sell the packs for R20 each and they keep 100% of the sale. R1000/5 = 200 packs sold at R20 each equals R4000 going directly into the hands of the most needy without us touching a cent. That is how we guarantee 400% return on your  donation Investing in the betterment of your community in this way is attractive because not only do you know your donated amount is multiplied four times (the cost of one meal turns into the ability to buy four meals), but the effects from that profit is profoundly positive change in the well-being of the recipients and the community as a whole. 

[Should our costs increase the equation will change slightly but its a staggeringly good investment by any standard. A business generating 400% profits usually makes a small few very rich. Our business model distributes these gains equitably putting profits directly into the hands of people who need it most and who have earned it.] 


We offer Section 18A tax deduction certificates for donations, and include you in our regular press coverage as well as broadcast you to our significant social media following. But more importantly by partnering with us, your company can leverage our unprecedented visibility across the city of Cape Town in your own media campaigns and be affiliated with one of the most loved non-profits in South Africa.  Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased our heart stickers from our homeless sellers which they then proudly display on their cars. Partnering with us means your company becomes part of a citizens collaboration involving thousands of people that's improving Cape Town and bringing joy and love to all who live here.


Ps. Did we mention we're expanding to other cities? When we grow your exposure grows.